New York City may be near or at the top of the list when people think of the entertainment industry, but it is also at the head of the list for something less bragged about in the world of entertainment. In a word – infestations. Property owners usually keep it pretty quiet when the building is infested with pests of any kind – at least for as long as they possibly can. Eventually, particularly in a high-profile building, word gets out. And then what? Before it becomes a scandal, nip the problem in the bud with professional pest control that you can trust.

Main Pest Threats Faced by the Entertainment Industry

Two of what are possibly the most prevalent pest problems in the entertainment industry are as follows:

  • Bedbugs – It was reported some years ago that, strangely enough, bed bugs had invaded the entertainment industry. Just imagine all the people that come and go within that studio in one week. So bad was it that Def Jam (record label of Jay-Z and Rihanna) had to close its office in New York. After three of their floors had been treated, the bed bugs showed up at the office of a talent agency located on a floor below.
  • Rodents – These can be a real problem in the industry because there is often a good supply of food. Breaks between shows, takes, and rehearsals frequently mean big tables full of all kinds of snacks, beverages, sandwiches – you name it. And with prop rooms, dressing rooms, etc. there is also a generous supply of bedding and nesting material. It is very nearly a rodent haven.

Of course, the pests located at the office, theater, recital hall, etc. are only part of the problem. The other part of the problem arises when the people who are working and rehearsing there start transporting the pests back to their homes or other offices. Now you have expanded the problem without even knowing it. This is particularly common with bedbugs which is why, without professional help, they can be so hard to control.

Also worthy of note, here are some additional infestations plaguing New York buildings in general:

  • German Cockroaches
  • Drugstore Beetles
  • Silverfish

Why Do You Need Entertainment Industry Pest Control?

Bedbugs, in particular, are some of the most well-traveled pests known to mankind. Some species of bug or pesky mammals had to be inventive in finding their way to this country on ships, planes, in baggage, in large food shipments, and so on. Bedbugs don’t even need a suitcase in which to get around. They are happy to ride on just about any article of clothing or piece of fabric so moving one infestation to another location to begin another infestation is never a problem for them.

Rodents, on the other hand, may not creep into your purse or bag to follow you home but they leave little pieces of them behind, wherever they go. Aside from being exceptionally destructive, and repopulating the earth with some 15,000 offspring annually, they carry disease on their bodies and spread germs and disease through bites, with their urine, and through the excrement they leave absolutely everywhere. Certain individuals are even allergic to rodents and their urine and droppings.

Why Choose PEST for Entertainment Industry Pest Control Services?

Ideally, you’d like to stop infestations before they happen, so at PEST, our keyword is “prevention”. The treatments we offer you and your environment will not simply be a Band-Aid. Much to the contrary, we spend as much time as needed concentrating on suspicious areas of concern in order to attack the problem where it occurs.

We can schedule your service to fit in with your precise needs, and we are available both night and day. We will assign a specific technician to your case, as well as a backup technician so that the person serving you will always be familiar with your situation. Use a pest-control service that is concerned with their clients’ welfare. Call us at 212.945.0868 today to make an appointment or contact us through our website with any questions that you may have.

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