Bed bugs are recognized as a form of parasitic insects from the cimicid family. These insects are very tiny, are mainly active at night, and feed exclusively on blood (they prefer human blood!). Bed bugs are typically reddish-brown, flat, and have an overall oval shape. Size-wise, they are just about the size of an apple seed, i.e., 4-5 mm long. Here is more about this common pest and proper ways for bed bug control:

Signs of a Bed Bug Infestation

  • Funny smell: The presence of bed bugs can give off a sweet, musty odor.
  • Itchy bumps or lines of red: Bed bugs usually attack areas of exposed skin during the night.
  • Undigested blood spots: Can be found in their hiding places or on bedding. Colors may range from red to black.
  • Empty ‘skins’: Disgusting, but bed bug nymphs tend to molt.
  • Eggs: These are tiny clusters of oblong eggs.
  • Nymph sightings: If you are lucky, well not really, you may spot smaller, lighter-colored nymphs.

Bed Bug Control Solutions

  • Clean your room regularly: Eliminate potential hiding places for bed bugs decluttering any pile of laundry, stack of papers, and seal trash in plastic bags before tossing.
  • Wash affected laundry: If bed bugs are spotted on laundry, make sure to wash them in hot water before putting it away.
  • Only use insecticides if necessary: If you have to, make sure you are using a residual pyrethroid. Never use any products that are harmful to humans. Keep in mind that bed bugs live where you sleep.
  • Use extreme heat to kill bed bugs and any viable eggs: You can treat infested items with a handheld steam cleaner, provided they are not prone to moisture damage.
  • Switch to bug-proof encasements: Use them on your mattress, pillow case, box spring, and more.
  • Vacuum those bugs up: You can use vacuum cleaners with a HEPA filter for the job. Make sure it comes with a bag rather than a canister.

Common Bed Bug FAQs

Should I immediately reach for the spray can?

No, it is recommended that you try other solutions first. Try your best to limit contact with pesticides as you will most likely be spraying it onto your bedding. Engaging a professional is the best way to go.

Is freezing a viable method for bed bug control?

Freezing does kill bed bugs, but many factors can affect the success of this method. Furthermore, temperatures must remain very low for a long time.

I am a frequent traveler and I don’t wish to bring bed bugs back to my home. How do I do it?

You should make it a habit to inspect your room before settling down. Consider packing a flashlight and a pair of gloves to aid in your inspection. Your inspection should focus around the bed.

Need Help with Bed Bug Control Today?

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Image Bite Appearance Bite Symptoms Additional Cautions
Bed Bug Bites

Little red marks can appear in groups or appear as a red rash; swelling; raised, flat, or small red welts.

Bite may go completely undetected because some people do not have reactions; however, itching and a burning sense can initially be present.

Multiple bites can be received from one bug and the individual may not notice for days.