At Pest Elimination Systems Technology, Inc., we provide exceptional K-9 bed bug inspection services. Our inspection procedures utilize NESDCA (National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association) certified canine teams. You can rest assured that our canines are trained to locate live bedbugs and eggs in a quick and efficient manner. We waste no time in helping you solve your suspected bed bug problems.

Understanding the Downsides of Bed Bugs

For starters, the damaged caused by bed bugs are expensive. These bugs not only damage property, but can affect people’s mental health. If you own a hotel business, and your customers are bitten by bugs, the complaints and negative reviews can come flooding in. This could also spell the end your facilities reputation. It is recommended that you always treat the presence of active bed bugs as a serious matter. You need to identify the source of these pests so that you do not have to treat affected areas over and over again, which is extremely expensive and a waste of resources.

What are the Benefits of K-9 Bed Bug Inspections?

  • No limitations: Canines face no limitations when they need to detect bed bugs in cluttered areas, behind baseboards, beneath carpets, along mattress seams, and inside upholstered surfaces
  • Hassle- and disruption-free process: Canine inspections cause minimal to no disruption to one’s business operations.
  • Short durations: The durations of inspection procedures typically range from two to 15 minutes.
  • High accuracy: The accuracy of canines detecting adult bed bugs lies in the 90th percentile range.
  • Helps save money: If you detect bed bugs early, you can enjoy significantly lower remediation costs.
  • Offer complete peace of mind: PEST can contain bed bug infestations once their presence is established. Our follow-up treatments will eliminate them with exceptional ease so that you will never have a bed bug problem again.

How Our K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services Work

Our K-9 bed bug detection dogs utilize their keen sense of smell to detect the presence of active bed bugs and any viable eggs in the affected zone. Our handlers will document and mark each high risk or effected zone for further inspection.

Once completed, the PEST team will develop a successful treatment strategy, i.e., completely eradicating all bed bugs. You can rest assured that our bed bug inspection canines have undergone intensive scent detection programs and have received many hours of specialized training.

Our dogs are always sharp and focused on the job and that’s why we have a proven track record of bed bug inspections being 100% accurate.

Why Choose PEST for K-9 Bed Bug Inspection Services?

PEST offers discreet, fast, and high quality bed bug detection services. Our K-9 teams are supervised and developed by certified entomologists as well. We continually research the latest techniques and develop stellar programs that eradicate bed bug infestations. What’s more, we have been in the business for more than 30 years, and we are Green Shield Certified. When conventional bed bug treatments are not effective, it’s time bring in the big guns with our K-9 bed bug inspection team.

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