Though mosquitoes have never been pleasant little creatures that you’d want around on even a temporary basis, they are pretty much just annoying. They cause itchiness, red bumps, they buzz around your ears when you’re trying to sleep – but now they are most notoriously known for spreading something even more devious – Zika. And though there are endless mosquito control products on the market, calling in a professional pest control company is your best bet of standing even a chance with these demons of the air.

Signs of A Mosquito Infestation

  • Sight of mosquitoes: Though mosquitoes can get indoors and bite you in the comfort of your home, you will see them outside on a regular basis. Many times, you will notice them in environments that are humid and hot. Tropical locations are popular infestation sites.
  • Stagnant water buildup: The survival and growth of the mosquito depend on this environment, and they will most often congregate around stagnant water such as wetlands, swamps, marshes, and ponds. In severe swarms, you can actually see the clusters of them flying through or hovering in the air.
  • Getting mosquito bites: Without seeing them, you’ll know you have a problem when numerous bites occur on you and your guests. Raised, itchy welts will appear which can later change to small red bumps but remain itchy for days or even weeks.

Mosquito Control Solutions

The shelves in hardware stores are full of do-it-yourself mosquito repellents and remedies. Frequently, these are less than adequate but may have at least a temporary effect on lessening the activity (biting) or keeping them off of you. Some of these can include the following:

  • Citronella candles
  • Torches
  • Foggers for your yard
  • Spray repellents for your body
  • Electronic, battery-operated devices which repel mosquitoes within a small area

Professional pest control companies can treat an outside area to assist not only in ridding existing mosquitoes – putting an abrupt halt to the feeding frenzy – but in stopping them from laying their eggs and turning your yard or pond into a breeding area.

Common Mosquito FAQs

  • Are mosquitoes able to bite me more than one time?

The simple answer here is yes. Females will suck the blood out of you until they are absolutely full with different numbers of attempts. If, however, she gets interrupted, she will simply move along to the next victim. Once satiated, she rests for several days and then lays her eggs. After that, she is ready to go again.

  • Can a mosquito fly very high?

Normally, biting mosquitoes will stay under 25 feet in the air. There are, of course, exceptions as with some found in Singapore that appeared in apartments that were up on the 21st floor. Mosquitoes have also been found in 40-foot high tree holes in Asia.

  • How do mosquitoes hear?

There are ears, but basically, they use their antennae to discern different frequencies and vibrations such as those produced by other mosquitoes’ beating wings.

Need Help with Mosquito Control Today?

There are a million do-it-yourself methods to mosquito control, very few of which actually work. When they do, it is so temporary that you could go broke buying DIY treatment upon treatment. PEST is your best bet when mosquitoes and their offspring are spiraling out of control. For over 30 years we have been helping families and businesses control pest infestations, including mosquitoes. Start getting rid of mosquitoes today. Call us at 212.945.0868 or email us at to get started.


Image Bite Appearance Bite Symptoms Additional Cautions
Mosquito Bite

Bumps or blisters at sting point, puffy bump with a center red dot, or hard bumps.


Also accompanying stings, at least in children, may be a low-grade fever or excessive swelling.