Bug Image Bite Appearance Bite Symptoms Additional Cautions
Ants Redness & swelling

Swelling and redness.

Though moderate pain is usually the case here, people with reactions from allergies can experience face swelling or itching, chest tightness, breathing difficulty, dizziness, anxiety, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, hives, wheezing, or sneezing.

Allergic reactions can occur in people who have known allergies to ant bites and bee or wasp stings.

Bed Bugs Bed Bug Bites

Little red marks can appear in groups or appear as a red rash; swelling; raised, flat, or small red welts.

Bite may go completely undetected because some people do not have reactions; however, itching and a burning sense can initially be present.

Multiple bites can be received from one bug and the individual may not notice for days.

Bees Bees

Initially, sharp pain; sting site will exhibit a red welt and swelling in the general area, both of which will eventually subside.

If no allergic reaction is present, temporary pain and swelling is common; symptoms of a severe reaction can include fainting or dizziness; diarrhea, vomiting or nausea; rapid, weak pulse; swelling of tongue and throat; difficulty breathing; pale flushed skin; itchiness and hives; possible loss of consciousness.

In individuals with allergies to bee, wasp, or hornet stings, anaphylactic shock may result which needs treatment with an Epi-Pen or immediate emergency medical attention.

Blister Beetles Blister Beetles

A chemical called cantharidin causes welts or blisters.

Though blisters appear within several hours after contact, there is no lasting damage to the skin.

Gently remove the insects rather than crushing it on the skin’s surface.

Brown Recluse Spiders Brown Recluse Spiders

Swelling and reddening; the bite site may develop into a blister.

Muscle pain, nausea, convulsions, fever, skin lesions, itching or mild skin irritation.

If left untreated, deep scarring can result but fatalities have not been reported.

Fire Ants Fire Ant

For multiple stings, notice a semicircular pattern; normal appearance consists of lumps and red welts which can become blisters.

Stinging and burning sensation.

Multiple stings can be received from just one ant.

Fleas Fleas

Frequently located on feet and legs; red halos with center red spots.

Extreme itchiness.

If the wound site begins to excrete puss, call a doctor right away.

Horseflies Horseflies

Reddish bumps, and bleeding.

Itching, soreness, pain at the bite site.

Medications such as antibacterials should be applied to the bite site to reduce the possibility of infection–these insects are very aggressive biters.

Lice Lice

Small red bumps, bluish gray skin sores, bites in eyebrows, armpits, or in pubic hair.

Nits, or tiny white eggs, may be found in the individual’s hair accompanied by itching and intensifies in the evening.

Though itching may begin after up to four weeks of contacts, it can start after two weeks or even shortly after being bitten.

Mites Mites

Blistering bumps, hives or rash, slight to serious itching.

Crusty spots can develope on skin, sores or a rash may also develop.

Generally, might bite scan be similar to bedbug bites but there are many different kinds of mites.

Mosquitoes Mosquito Bite

Bumps or blisters at sting point, puffy bump with a center red dot, or hard bumps.


Also accompanying stings, at least in children, may be a low-grade fever or excessive swelling.

Scabies Scabies Bite

The skin surface shows little, raised lines; also rashes which look like pimples may show up between fingers, on the buttocks, at the beltline, waste, nipple, armpits, elbow, or wrist.

Swelling and tingling at the site of the bite, numbness, bad itching that gets more intense at night.

No sting or bite is actually present here but an itch mite has burrowed under the skin and is feasting on it.

Scorpions Scorpion Bites

The area of the sting site can exhibit warmth, redness, and pain.

The sting site may exhibit swelling, tingling, numbness, and mild pain; possible severe symptoms may include excitability, restlessness, fast heartbeat, hypotension or low blood pressure, hypertension or high blood pressure, vomiting, sweating, drooling; unusual eye, neck, or head movements; and muscle twitching.

Particularly in children, or those with high sensitivity to insect bites and stings, the Bark Scorpions venom can be exceedingly toxic and possibly deadly Frequently, the only way someone knows if they’ve actually been stung by a scorpion is if they see the scorpion sting them or see it running away after being stung.

Ticks Tick Bites

If a tick has Lyme disease, one sign of this bite can be a bull’s-eye rash.

Burning sensation, itchiness, bite area exhibits redness at first sign.

Other symptoms of Lyme disease can be fatigue, headache, and fever.

Violin Spiders Spider Bite

Two puncture marks which are closely spaced together.

Vomiting, nausea, rash, fever, bloody urine, anemia, and coma (rare).

There are many spider bites so symptoms and appearance may vary.

Widow Spiders Widow Spider

Like violin spiders, two puncture marks which are closely spaced together.

Skin rash, sweating, high blood pressure, pain and muscle cramps.

Other spider bites can include yellow sac, wolf, tarantula, hobo, and brown recluse.